J5 advises governments, international organizations, large companies, trade federations and regulated professions or prominent personalities on large-scale ventures – diplomatic, political, commercial, industrial or financial.

J5 is a hub comprising:

  • a team of specialists in political and public strategy, former ministers both French and foreign, former officials in the senior branches of the civil service (diplomats, State counsellors, inspectors of finance, etc.)
  • a network of several hundred experts and companies that can be mobilized, a circle of privileged relations with a large number of prominent  personalities the world over and major ventures pursued in 80 countries, more particularly in Europe, in Africa and in the Middle-East.

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Experience, key component of strategic ventures

J5 offers a high-level and tailored service through an « out-of-the-box » approach resting on a pluri-disciplinarity of professions, in order to accompany its clients in all the challenges they face (political, economic, professional, personal).

Accordingly, J5 has developed a multi-intelligence, integrated platform which allows us to play a part in the most complex and difficult cases, upstream (planning and anticipating) as well as downstream (reacting to constraints faced by our clients, managing crises).