The Foundation Strategic Council


Foreign Trade Advisor Since 2012, Gérard Askinazi is one of the 4500 French Foreign Trade Advisors. He is currently serving his second term.

The National Committee of the French Foreign Trade Advisors gathers business leader and international experts serving the development of the French economic presence in the world.

These advisors are present in all French regions and in more than 140 foreign countries. Their goal is to make France shine internationally, and are in charge of the following 4 missions:

  • Public authorities counseling
  • French attractiveness promotion
  • Businesses support
  • Youth training internationally

The CNCCEF in video:

The first CCE global meeting will take place in Deauville on October 2016.

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French Values


Gérard Askinazi and Agence Publics accompanied this platform initiative to gather French people, associations and companies’ talents / collecting the talents of people, associations and French companies, which only goal are to make France shine on the international economic scene.

French values met en lumière les nombreuses initiatives individuelles et collectives qui font la France d’aujourd’hui.

Gerard Askinazy’s interview